Top 6 Best crypto Credit cards in 2024

Searching for the highest rewards, cashback, or other benefits on a crypto credit card? Look no further! The top 6 cryptocurrency credit cards in 2024 research have been compiled by us.

The top 6 credit cards for cryptocurrency

When selecting a cryptocurrency credit card, there are many factors to take into account. Here, we examine six of the best based on four important factors.

CardAPRRewardsCatax ScoreCryptocurrencies Supported
NexoUp to 13.9% APR0.5% BTC or 2% NEXO4.6/560
GeminiVariable APR up to 29.74%Up to 3% in 40 cryptos4.4/540
VenmoUp to 28.49% APRBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC rewards4.2/54
Brex17.24% – 29.24%BTC & ETH rewards for points4.1/52
UpgradeUp to 29.99% APR1.5% BTC3.7/51
Crypto.ComN/ACRO token3.5/5N/A

Nexo Credit Card

Nexo Card

4.6 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: 1% – 3%

Rec. Credit: N/A

APR: Up to 13.9% APR

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The Nexo Crypto Credit Card lets you use your crypto without selling it. You can start with 0% APR and get up to 13.9% APR. There are no monthly, annual, or inactivity fees. You can choose between a virtual or physical card, and get rewards for spending.

Furthermore, it’s secure with instant notifications and easy card management. Accepted at 90 million merchants worldwide, it offers up to 10 free ATM withdrawals monthly. Additionally, you can earn cashback in NEXO tokens or BTC. Plus, with Nexo, you can spend crypto without triggering capital gains tax.

  • Free card, no annual fees.
  • Works with Apple and Google Pay.
  • Credit lines: 0% to 13.9% APR.
  • Earn 2% NEXO or 0.5% BTC cashback.
  • Use crypto as collateral, no tax implications.
  • Mastercard accepted by 90M+ merchants.
  • Available in EEA only.

Gemini Credit Card

Gemini credit Card

4.4 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: 1% – 3%

Rec. Credit: 670+

APR: APR up to 29.74%

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The Gemini crypto Credit Card, a Mastercard linked with Gemini crypto exchange, offers variable APR from 17.74% to 29.74% with no yearly fees. Earn crypto rewards immediately: 3% for dining, 2% for groceries, and 1% for other purchases. Enjoy Mastercard security benefits and choose from 40+ cryptocurrencies.

Available in all 50 US states, the Gemini Card provides top-notch security from both Gemini exchange and Mastercard. Users receive rewards instantly upon card use, without any waiting period. It’s offered as both a physical and virtual card for convenience.

  • Free card with no annual fees, available in-app.
  • Available as a virtual or digital card.
  • 17.74% to 29.74% APR.
  • Up to 3% crypto rewards depending on purchase.
  • Pick from 40 cryptocurrencies as your reward.
  • Currently only available to US residents.

Venmo Credit Card

venmo credit Card

4.2 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: 1% – 3%

Rec. Credit: 670 – 850

APR: Up to 28.49% APR

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The Venmo Credit Card, a Visa card, offers perks like splitting bills with friends using QR codes and managing transactions within the Venmo app. Earn up to 3% cashback based on spending categories, with 8 categories such as travel and groceries. Users can convert cashback to crypto within the app, choosing from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash.

Available only in the US, the Venmo Credit Card has no annual fee but carries an APR ranging from 19.49% to 28.49%. It allows users to seamlessly integrate crypto-transactions alongside their everyday spending, providing flexibility and rewards.

  • No annual fees.
  • APR up to 28.49%.
  • Up to 3% cashback.
  • Automated crypto rewards with support for 4 cryptocurrencies.
  • Available exclusively in the US.

Brex Credit Card

Brex crypto credit Card

4.1 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: 0.5% – 3%

Rec. Credit: No Credit Check

APR: 17.24% – 29.24%

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The Brex Crypto credit card offers global corporate solutions with crypto rewards, ideal for small businesses. Available as physical or virtual, it’s accepted worldwide with variable APR and customizable controls for real-time expense tracking.

Users earn points, equivalent to 1 point per $1 spent. Additionally, they can earn higher rates for specific purchases like rideshares. These points can be redeemed for Bitcoin or Ethereum via Coinbase. Moreover, new users receive a 50,000-point signup bonus for spending $9,000 in the first month.

  • Credit card tailored for small businesses and startups.
  • No annual fees.
  • Points-based reward system.
  • Redeem points for crypto via Coinbase.
  • Variable APR and customizable credit lines.

Upgrade Credit Card

Upgrade credit Card

3.7 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: 1.5% – 2%

Rec. Credit: N/A

APR: Up to 29.99% APR

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The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card provides unlimited 1.5% Bitcoin rewards on purchases once repaid, functioning like a traditional Visa card with widespread acceptance and no annual fees. However, it necessitates monthly minimum repayments determined by a fixed schedule and offers a variable APR between 14.99% to 29.99%.

Credit lines ranging from $500 to $25,000 are available, contingent on the user’s credit score, with additional bonuses for new users or those utilizing other Upgrade products. The card is accessible as a contactless virtual option and seamlessly integrates with Apple and Google Pay for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

  • No annual fees, requires monthly repayments.
  • Available as a virtual card on Google and Apple Pay.
  • APR ranges from 14.99% to 29.99%.
  • Unlimited 1.5% BTC rewards on purchases.
  • Credit lines up to $25,000.
  • Available in specific US states only. Credit Card credit Card

3.5 Catax Rating

Annual Fee: $0

Rewards Rate: up to 5%

Rec. Credit: N/A


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The Credit Card offers a seamless way to manage transactions in the app, similar to Venmo. With up to 5% cashback across spending categories, users can enjoy rewards on everyday purchases. Plus, they can convert rewards into popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Additionally, the Credit Card offers a range of benefits for users. For instance, the ability to earn rewards and convert them into leading cryptocurrencies provides an innovative approach to managing finances. Furthermore, the seamless integration within the app makes transactions easy and convenient. Overall, the card is a practical choice for individuals looking for modern financial solutions with global accessibility.

  • Seamless app integration.
  • Up to 5% cashback rewards.
  • Convert rewards to crypto.
  • Global accessibility.
  • Modern financial solution.

Why Use a Crypto Credit Card?

Using a crypto credit card offers several advantages, including the opportunity to earn rewards in cryptocurrency while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of traditional credit cards. It provides a seamless way to integrate crypto into your daily spending habits, allowing you to accumulate digital assets effortlessly. Additionally, the ability to convert rewards into cryptocurrency offers a practical means of managing and diversifying your crypto portfolio.

Should I Get a Crypto Credit Card?

Deciding whether to get a crypto rewards card involves careful consideration of its features and suitability for your financial needs. These cards offer the opportunity to earn rewards in cryptocurrency, which can be appealing to individuals interested in digital assets. However, assessing factors such as fees, reward structure, and availability is essential to determine if they align with your spending habits and financial goals.

Can a crypto card replace my regular credit card?

Absolutely! A crypto credit card is a viable replacement for a traditional credit card. With the added benefit of earning rewards in cryptocurrency, it provides an attractive incentive for users looking to participate in the crypto market. Moreover, seamlessly integrating crypto rewards into everyday spending makes it a convenient and practical choice for managing finances.

Are Crypto Credit Cards Safe?

Security is a top priority for crypto credit card issuers, with robust measures in place to protect users’ financial information. These cards come equipped with advanced security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and real-time fraud monitoring to safeguard against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. Additionally, reputable issuers adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the security and integrity of their platforms.

Where Can I Use a Crypto Credit Card?

One of the significant advantages of a crypto credit card is its broad acceptance at millions of merchants worldwide. From local retailers to online stores, you can use your card for a wide range of purchases, also, including groceries, dining, travel, and more. This widespread acceptance ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your crypto rewards across various spending categories.

How do these credit cards work?

Crypto credit cards work much like the credit cards you’re already familiar with. You can use them to buy things and get rewards for how much you spend. The big difference is that instead of getting rewards like cash back or points in regular money, you get them in digital currency. This means you can earn a bit of cryptocurrency every time you use your card for purchases.

Additionally, What makes these cards appealing is the flexibility they give you with your rewards. Also, You can choose to keep these digital currencies as an investment, use them to buy more things, or even sell them for regular money. This seamless way of turning rewards into digital currency makes crypto credit cards a handy tool for those interested in the cryptocurrency world, all while keeping on top of everyday finances.

What are the tax rules for these cards?

Using crypto credit cards means you can get rewards in digital money, but you should also think about the taxes you might need to pay. Here’s what to keep in mind, with some extra points:

  • Tax Rules: When you spend cryptocurrency, you might have to pay taxes on it. This is because, in some places, using digital money like this can count as something you have to report and possibly pay taxes on.
  • Talk to an Expert: It’s a good idea to talk to someone who knows a lot about taxes. They can help you understand how using a crypto credit card might affect your taxes and make sure you’re following the rules.
  • Different Everywhere: Tax laws can be very different depending on where you live. So, what you need to do for taxes with a crypto credit card in one place might not be the same somewhere else.
  • Keep Records: It’s important to keep track of when you use your crypto credit card and how much digital money you spend or earn. This information will be really helpful for understanding your taxes.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Sometimes, if the value of the cryptocurrency you spent has gone up since you got it, you might have to pay a type of tax called capital gains tax on the increase in value.
  • Reporting Rewards: The rewards you earn from a crypto credit card might also need to be reported as income. This means you could pay taxes on them just like you would with money you earn from a job or other investments.

Pros and Cons


Maximize Your Crypto Rewards: Simplify Taxes with Catax

Crypto rewards cards offer a great way to earn cryptocurrency rewards while using your credit card as usual. But remember, there might be tax rules you need to follow when using these cards. To make sure you’re on track with your taxes, consider using Catax. It’s a simple tool designed specifically for people using crypto credit cards. With Catax, you can easily figure out your taxes and make sure you’re following the rules. So, with Catax by your side, you can enjoy your crypto rewards worry-free!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know if a crypto credit card is right for me?

Consider your spending habits and interest in cryptocurrency. If you want to earn digital currency rewards while using your credit card, a crypto credit card could be a good fit.

Are there any fees associated with using a crypto credit card?

Yes, fees vary depending on the card, but common ones include annual fees, APR, and possible transaction fees. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of each card to understand the fees involved.

What are the benefits of earning rewards in cryptocurrency?

Earning rewards in cryptocurrency provides the opportunity for potential investment growth and diversification of your financial portfolio. Plus, it adds an innovative and modern twist to traditional credit card rewards.

How can I ensure the security of my crypto credit card?

To ensure the security of your crypto credit card, it’s crucial to use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly monitor your account for any suspicious activity. Additionally, only use reputable issuers and platforms for your transactions.

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