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Free Crypto Tax Filing Software in India

If you are a trader or investor in crypto, filing taxes can be a challenge for you. Finding a good crypto tax software can save you time and money. Moreover, it can also help you take the pain out of manually calculating crypto taxes. This guide reviews the Free Crypto Taxes Filing Software platforms for 2024.

Here is the list of free Free Crypto Tax Filing Software

(1) Koinly

Established in 2018, Koinly simplifies the management of crypto taxes. Functioning in numerous countries, the platform seamlessly integrates with more than 750 exchanges and wallets, allowing effortless importation of transactions. Through its software, Koinly automates the matching of wallet transfers and the calculation of gains/losses, thereby generating detailed tax reports, including IRS forms. Catering to both individuals and accountants significantly facilitates tax compliance. The team at Koinly, consisting of crypto investors, engineers, and visionaries, is committed to the goal of making crypto tracking and tax reporting more accessible.

Koinly makes crypto tax reporting easy, supports 750+ exchanges and wallets, and works globally for all users. Here is the summary of the Koinly pricing plan.”

PlanPrice per Tax YearTransaction LimitFeatures
Free₹ 0Up to 10,000Basic features
Newbie₹ 490Up to 100Unlimited wallets/exchanges, portfolio tracking, tax reports
Hodler₹ 990Up to 1,000Plus more advanced features
TraderStarts at ₹ 1790More than 3,000Includes even more support and features

(2) Catax

Catax is India’s pioneering platform focused on blockchain and crypto. It makes understanding crypto and blockchain easy. Also, it offers audit-ready data with 1800+ exchange integration. It helps traders, investors, and auditors with crypto taxes, making things smoother. Catax provides simple tax solutions for Bitcoin users, ensuring ease and clarity.

It is designed to manage the crypto verse complexities, ensuring you never need to depend on spreadsheets or manual calculations again, regardless of whether you’re recording profits or losses. Catax creates the most straightforward and dependable tax solution possible for all clients by fusing creativity, ingenuity, and profound understanding. Here is the summary of the CATAX pricing plan.

PlanPrice (INR/year)TransactionsCrypto & Blockchain SupportExchange IntegrationsCustomer SupportTax Filing Assistance
StarterFree50020Upto 5Email SupportNo
Trader₹ 1,999Up to 10,00040Up to 15Priority support, , priority support, expert review eligibilityYes
Pro₹ 4,999Unlimited80Up to 30Income tax notice handling, priority support, expert review eligibilityYes

(3) KoinX

KoinX is an automated crypto taxation platform, launched in 2022. It is an Indian company that offers a seamless solution for managing crypto taxes and tracking portfolios. Boasting a massive capacity of over 150 million transactions and compatibility with 25,000+ crypto assets from 180+ wallets and exchanges, KoinX simplifies the otherwise daunting task. Effortlessly import transactions and preview your portfolio, while also easily generating detailed tax reports. The platform serves individual investors, tax pros, and companies, providing clear transaction data, TDS charts, and detailed tax reports.

With trusted industry leaders on board, KoinX aims to streamline crypto tax filing and ensure compliance with regulations. Here is the summary of the KoinX pricing plan.

PlanTransactionsPrice (INR/year)Features
NewbieUp to 10₹115Unlimited integrations, error reconciliation, detailed tax reports, priority email support, expert review eligibility
HobbyistUp to 25₹315Same as Newbie
EnthusiastUp to 50₹462Same as Newbie
HodlerUp to 100₹832Same as Newbie
ProUp to 200₹1648Same as Newbie
TitanUp to 1000₹2405Same as Newbie
WhaleUp to 5000₹3578Same as Newbie

(4) Coinpanda

Coinpanda is a cutting-edge free program designed to simplify tax computations for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Users can import transactions, benefit from tax breaks by selling coins at a loss, and download comprehensive tax returns for over 65 countries in less than 20 minutes. Coinpanda is the preferred tool for cryptocurrency aficionados, offering features tailored to support both DeFi and NFT transactions.

Coinpanda has over 80,000 satisfied users worldwide, which makes it easier to handle the difficult work of creating accurate tax returns for more than 800 exchanges and wallets. It allows you to manage your various cryptocurrency transactions with ease. Here is the summary of the Coinpanda pricing plan.

Free₹ 0Up to 25Unlimited exchanges, DeFi/NFTs, margin trading, tax reports, live chat
Hodler₹ 4,069.34 Up to 100Same as Free
Trader₹ 8221.72Up to 1,000Same as Free
Pro₹ 15696.023,000+Same as Free + priority support
CustomQuote20,000+Custom solutions for high volume

(5) Blockpit

Blockpit is a company that provides a comprehensive platform for tracking cryptocurrency investments and optimizing taxes. Additionally, it offers tools for free portfolio tracking and allows anonymous signups. The platform supports integrations for over 250,000 crypto assets across various blockchains, protocols, exchanges, and dApps.

Blockpit emphasizes secure connections for importing transaction data and supports a wide range of tax regulations, including those from the IRS, HMRC, and BMF, aiming to simplify the tax reporting process for crypto users while ensuring compliance and minimizing audit risks. Here is the summary of the Blockpit pricing plan.

Lite$49Up to 50
Basic$109Up to 1,000
Pro$269Up to 25,000
Unlimited$639Up to 500,000

(6) Cointracker

Established in 2017, CoinTracker stands as one of the early adopters in the cryptocurrency tax and portfolio space. It offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet diverse needs, ranging from complimentary basic tracking and reporting to advanced services designed for intricate tax scenarios and detailed portfolio management.

CoinTracker plans are designed to accommodate the number of transactions and the level of service required, with specific features and capabilities tailored to each tier. Here is the summary of the Blockpit pricing plan.

PlanPrice per YearTransactionsFeatures
Free$0Tax summary, Portfolio value, Self-serve support
Base$59Up to 100Tax reports (all years), TurboTax & H&R integrations, Portfolio tracking
Prime$249Up to 1,000Base features + Performance tracking, Tax loss harvesting
Ultra$599Up to 10,000Prime features + Tax lots breakdown, Change cost basis method, 24-hour support

How to Choose The Best Crypto Tax Calculator

Crypto tax calculators can be a valuable tool in simplifying this process, but with numerous options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the selection process:

  • Transaction Volume: Consider how many crypto transactions you have (buys, sells, trades, etc.). High volume usually requires more powerful features.
  • Trading Complexity: Do you engage in complex strategies like margin trading or staking? These factors might influence the level of calculation complexity.
  • Tax Situation: Do you have other income sources or complex tax situations? Consider if the calculator can handle such complexities.
  • Functionality: Compare features like automatic exchange integration, multi-year tax reports, and support for various cryptocurrencies and DeFi activities. Analyze which features are crucial for you.
  • Ease of Use: Evaluate the user interface and how easily you can input data. Does it require manual data entry or integrate directly with your exchanges? Choose a calculator with a user-friendly interface that suits your comfort level.
  • Cost: Compare pricing plans and assess if they align with your transaction volume and needs. Some offer free tiers for lower volumes, while others charge based on features and transactions.

After a deep and thorough analysis, we think catax is right now the best crypto tax calculator which has all the features you might need for a tax calculator. One thing that makes catax stand apart from the rest of the tools is that it provides real-time tax consultancy, handles income tax notices, and fights cases on your behalf. Remember, no other calculator provides tax consultancy from a qualified tax professional. If you have any complex tax situations, you can always consult catax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services does Catax provide?

Catax simplifies access to crypto and blockchain information. Furthermore, it offers audit-ready data and provides user-friendly tax solutions for bitcoin owners, traders, investors, and auditors.

What are the key features of Koinly?

Koinly offers streamlined crypto tax handling and connects with over 750 exchanges and wallets. Moreover, it automates wallet transfer matching and gain/loss calculations and generates detailed tax reports, including IRS forms. Furthermore, it supports 750+ exchanges and wallets globally.

What services does Blockpit provide?

Blockpit provides users with tax optimization tools and supports over 250,000 crypto assets. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive platform for tracking cryptocurrency investments and free portfolio tracking.

What are the pricing details for CoinTracker?

CoinTracker’s pricing plans cater to diverse needs, offering complimentary basic tracking and reporting to advanced services. Furthermore, specific features and capabilities vary across tiers, accommodating various tax scenarios and portfolio management requirements.


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